AwesomeBump: A free alternative to CrazyBump

Are you a DAZ 3D artist that creates your own skin textures from scratch? Or are thinking of creating your own? Then check out AwesomeBump.

AwesomeBump is a lot like CrazyBump. Some BIG differences are that it’s free, open-source, AND cross-platform. Windows, Mac, and Linux. You load up an image, and it creates Normal, Specular, Height, and Occlusion maps for you. You can remove stretching from an image, remove shading from it, and there are SO many options for tweaking the maps!

You need OpenGL 4.0 or greater to run the tool. The reason for this is because 99% of the computing is done on the GPU. If you can utilize this tool, it runs BLAZING fast. But don’t take my word for it! DOWNLOAD IT HERE: For windows and Linux.




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